While many of you may be on the search for the next master teacher, our goal here is to instead encourage you to focus more on becoming a master student, which is far more important. Towards that destination, we provide tools and modules that will help you “learn how to learn.”

Learning Tools

The following products have been designed to accelerate your learning of many of the mysteries that permeate our everyday lives. All language emerges from the vast world of symbolism. By taking your time and studying these learning tools, you’ll begin to see how, through symbolism, the human experience is a reflection of the greatest mysteries.

New Booklet!!

When a tragedy strikes, it’s only normal for humans to scramble to protect and preserve their lives. But it begs a thinking person to ask the question: What does the life that is protected and cherished really mean? What is life, period?? Man has been pondering and attempting to explain this since time immemorial. There is no better opportunity than now to rehash this discussion. As you explore this short booklet, you’ll discover some information that will help to shape your perspective about the Force that is acting behind the scenes and what will be accomplished.
To further your mental and soul expansion and evolution, order your copy of “2020 and The World to Come” NOW!

Visual Learning Tools!!

Are you a person who learns better by having something to read and look at? If so, then these colorful laminates will serve as visual and mental aids that you can continue to refer to for years to come, as the truths they embody are timeless.
These are the initial tools in the series:

  •  Etymology: A Master Key to the Mysteries of IT ALL
  •  The Tree in Life
  •  The Mysteries of the Number “5”
  •  An Esoteric Exploration of FIRE
  •  Hidden Astrological Etymology and Symbology