For years (actually since childhood), I’ve often been in positions of mentorship, rather it involved people younger, my age or older than me. However, I’ve never done it in an official capacity (i.e. for a price).

Never the less, I know people have received value from the unique perspective I tend to have about life and existence in general, because they continuously take comfort in sharing aspects of their lives that they may not feel as comfortable to share with the general public or even close loved-ones.

The time has come, though, to do what I’ve always done in an organized and more deliberate manner. Why? Because we are living in particularly dynamic times, an era of endings and new beginnings. While the collective rebirthing process is ultimately beautiful, it can also be quite painful and scary for some.

And let us not forget the fact that we are still having a human experience. Therefore, no matter how far we may travel on our path of awakening, the human experience is still very persistent. Thus, it’s sometimes good and even quite necessary to have a sober mind to share and bounce things off of.

I’m here as an aid and resource. To schedule a 60-minute session, click the link below.

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Here are some of the areas of life that we can help you out in:

• Fitness
• Nutrition
• Astrology
• Etymology
• Metaphysics
• Numerology
• Career Goals
• Relationships
• Dream Analysis
• Name Revelation
• Purpose Identification
• Financial Brainstorming
• General Problem Solving
• Understanding Symbology
• Transitioning from Organized Religion

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*Masters of the Cosmos reserves the right to determine whether to render services based on the information provided in the pre-screening questionnaire.