Masters of the Cosmos (M.O.C.) now offers astrology readings. I’m eager to help you access your Divine blueprint so that you can fully actualize your power and fulfill the mission you were given in this incarnation. But you may be wondering what’s the benefit of having your birth chart read by M.O.C. After all, astrologers are showing up everywhere online. Many of them are quite proficient at their craft, so it can be hard determining which professional is best suited to assist you.

What I Offer in a Nutshell

Simply put, astrology is the language (logos) and science (logy) of the stars (astro). It is well within everyone’s grasp to learn the language and science of the stars. There is a caveat, though. One’s basic outlook on life plays a significant role in how he or she interprets the messages-conversations of the stars.

It’s important for the practitioner to constantly be seeking balance in his or her own life. Otherwise, a great deal of harm can be done when delving into the very delicate cosmic blueprint that each person comes to Earth with. The astrologer you choose to work with should be responsible and possess integrity. This science is sacred and is far more than mere entertainment.

With the above in mind, here are some of the basics I offer:

  • A well-rounded body of knowledge and wisdom that is infused into the birth chart reading
  • A detailed approach to uncovering the key, and sometimes hidden, messages in the birth chart
  • A keen ability to convey complex concepts in layman terms and to make them sensible
  • A desire for truth, yet the compassion to communicate it in an empowering manner
  • Integrity that allows the client to trust that his or her information is confidential and that his or her privacy is respected
  • An unbiased approach to probing the details of the birth chart, with any prejudices and judgments nullified so that a coherent message can be transmitted

What Having Your Birth Chart Read Offers

By having your birth chart read proficiently and taking the appropriate actions, you can move closer to the ultimate goal of “knowing thyself.” And as the old saying goes, “if you know better, you’ll do better.” Well, we at least hope that’s the case. The birth chart interpretation provides access to this most pristine knowledge so that you can take an active role in your physical, mental and soul development.

Here are some specific areas you can be empowered in:

  • Personal identity
  • Physical security
  • Communication skills
  • Family relationships
  • Identification of passions and soul desires
  • Identification of life’s purpose
  • One-on-one relationships
  • Emotional and subconscious mental states
  • Philosophical and/or religious views
  • Career objectives and goals
  • Relationship with the collective
  • Soul purpose and fulfillment

Basic Birth Chart Reading

If you choose the basic birth chart reading, you’ll receive the following:

  • Up to 4 questions answered
  • A detailed explanation of the major points in your birth chart as it pertains to your inquiries
  • A 75-minute live reading via Zoom
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360 Reading

For a more expanded and in-depth look into your cosmic blueprint, you can access a 360 Reading, which is unlike any service you can find anywhere else. In addition to what’s offered above for a basic birth chart reading, you’ll receive the following:

  • Up to 4 questions answered
  • A detailed explanation of the major points in your birth chart as it pertains to your inquiries
  • A numerological breakdown of your name and birth date to provide greater insight into your life’s purpose, who you are, your desires and personality
  • An etymological breakdown of your given name at birth to peer deeper into your soul contract
  • A 90-minute live reading via Zoom
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*Disclaimer – All readings provided by Jamal Robinson and Masters of the Cosmos are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. The user is responsible for his-her own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal, financial, medical, psychological, psychiatric or any other specialist advice. If you require such advice, you should seek a licensed professional.
My services are not available to anyone under the age of 18, unless they are requested by a parent or guardian. By using my services, you confirm that you are over 18 and that you understand and agree with the above terms of this Disclaimer.