If you’re like me, you got on this quest because you simply wanted to know. And this desire to know has become an insatiable hunger, driving you to read countless books, watch hours of lectures, meditate and maybe change your diet. All to know more.

The Irony

If you spend enough time along this journey and apply enough effort, you will learn that the ultimate reward is to reach the state of utter confusion. Does that sound crazy and contradictory? If so, then good – mission accomplished.

Confusion is Empowering?

The confusion, if treated properly, is the gateway to new understanding. Have you felt utterly lost at times, whether it was regarding finances, your love life or health, and an answer came out of nowhere? That demonstrates the hidden value of “I don’t know.” Many times, it’s not until you submit to that state of giving up, letting go, utter confusion – that you are able to transcend your present state.

In this journey that we have embarked upon, identified by whatever name you choose to call it, you will reach plateaus, low points, and you will feel confused – sometimes angry – even depressed. Although many will tell you that you are to overcome your human emotions, the reality is that your emotions are important parts of your makeup.

Using Your Emotions as Guides

You’ve heard people say, I’m sure, that your emotions are ‘energy in motion.’ The key, then, is to take the time to investigate where they are leading you, or should I say, where you are leading yourself.

When we pause long enough to understand what and why we are feeling, we have the ability to transcend what may seem like a stagnate state. And better yet, we come to an understanding that even stagnation has its place. If used effectively, it will give you a chance to communicate with your inner self, ask the right questions and then act in accordance with your soul’s contract.

This is just a little food for thought. Stay down until you get up, and when you get up, stay down…



Bro Jamal