Are you ready for a little, quick motivation?? If so, then let’s briefly discuss the concept of the breakthrough, and in doing so, develop a strategy to tap into the power that hit the planet after the recent solar eclipse on August 22, 2017.

I would liken the recent eclipse to a cosmic womb that opened to usher in (birth) the latter stages of our present epoch. That means for each of us, individually, it is imperative to be about the business of our souls (i.e. being true to each of our Divine purposes). But digressing, how do we achieve  the coveted “breakthrough?”

For starters, we have to look closely at the compound word “break-through.” Its two components are obvious, the words ‘break’ and ‘through.’ Now, what I want to highlight first, is that the word ‘break’ is synonymous with words like ‘destroy,’ ‘shatter,’ and ‘lame.’ The latter words, including the word ‘break,’ left by themselves, trigger negative thoughts. So, how ironic it is that when used in the compound word ‘breakthrough,’ the former is easily associated with something positive.

The second point worth highlighting is how in the Bible we always see Christ healing the ill-repute of society, like the lame man by the pool, or the woman who had the “issue of blood.” Let’s be very clear about the fact that Christ is the same as those down trodden characters in Biblical myth, and is the same as YOU, for the Christ is a concept – a condition of your consciousness. And its appearance is the result of a breakthrough.

What am I saying?

Christ, the arisen one, is dependent on something to  fall-to break. The rising agent can’t work unless there is something that has first fallen. A basketball can’t sore into the air until it has first been driven into the ground. That’s why Christ shows up for those broken down and shattered, because the universe ebbs and flows, inhales and exhales. Even Newton said that “for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction.” The breaking, then, is necessary.

Are you still wondering why?

If so, here’s a real quick answer; the destruction – the breaking – the fall – is the doorway. In addiction treatment programs they call it hitting “rock bottom.” And it ain’t just about being addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some of us are addicted to money, tangible items, attention, food, etc. And it is not until we hit a super-low point in whatever illusion we’re living that we can find a doorway. And if you’re truly doing the work, you’ll find that the door leads deeper into YOU. That’s why the compound word is “breakthrough.” You are breaking through to your true, Divine self – your Christhood.

So, here’s a quick tip to help you jumpstart your breakthrough, because many times we hit rock bottom, but aren’t sure how to find the doorway. Sit, be still, and ask yourself, “what am I supposed to learn?” Further, ask yourself, “what do you want?” Then, step back and ask, “why?” Establish why you want what you want, because the question of ‘why’ invites your subconscious mind to speak. Your conscious mind rules the areas of ‘who-what-when-where-how,’ but the great ‘why’ question allows you to tap into your deeper self, opening the door for a BREAK THROUGH!

In conclusion, the numero uno thing that blocks the breakthrough is fear, the fear of being broken – the fear of falling – the fear of destroying or losing yourself. Understand this, if you’re feeling stuck or frustrated with your current situation, the best thing you can do is destroy-lose yourself. Don’t misconstrue what I’m saying. I’m not talking about committing suicide or just giving up on life. Instead, I’m suggesting that the breakage or destruction is about the barriers that your own ego has set up for you. Your ability to tear and peer through those self-imposed barriers is the beginning of the transition from ego-brain dominance, to moving through the doorway to your true self. Thus, you are now ready for a BREAK THROUGH!

~Make sure to get a copy of my book, The Lies Behind the Tithes: The Keys to Higher Consciousness, and prepare to have your eyes opened wide!

Until we meet again, remember to stay down until you get up, and when you get up, stay down.

Peace and Power,

Brother Jamal

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