I’ve really been focused, for some time now, on excrement, which is synonymous with alchemy (illumination through putrification). And my studies of alchemy have led me to some simple, yet profound revelations. One is that the divine purpose of all creation is cosmic defecation. I know, that sounds absolutely crazy, right?? But, read on.

Now, this is actually the foundation for a new book I’m working on, where I take an in depth look at the digestive system, it’s origin, significance, and nature, in revealing the greater destiny of the Cosmos. This whole concept takes the Hermetic axiom of Correspondence – As Above, So Below, and stretches it to further implications – that many probably will look at as ridiculous.

And that’s cool, because Hermetic wisdom prophesizes that in the end times, “the pious will be deemed insane, and the impious wise…” Thus, we are reminded that the truth will be ridiculed and rejected, for it always goes beyond the established norms of mundane ritual and thought.

Yet, close enough study of any ancient culture-literature will reveal this motif: the necessity of defecation. It is the #1 way for Source (“God”) to maintain existence, because the perfection we so excitedly bestow upon Source, is actually an albatross.


Perfection is the hand-maiden of stagnation, and the latter is the epitome of death (i.e. no movement). So, in order for Source to sustain itself, it must reduce and split-scatter itself. This splitting-scattering is symbolized in the Bible with the Children of Israel, who were separated and scattered, experiencing the wrath and temporary destructive force of Source. What is being described though, is a process of alchemy: the putrification of a previously pristine state.

A piece of fruit, organically grown, glistening with deliciousness, is no more than potential. And until it is destroyed its potential never becomes kinetic. It moves and fulfills its purpose through its destruction. When it is eaten and digested, it is scattered, destroyed, murdered, killed, split, etc. All of these apply to the Children of Israel. And all are necessary components to become.

What do I mean??

When you have a problem what do you first attempt to do? Solve it. Did you know, though, that the word solve means to scatter, dissolve? Let’s think about basic chemistry for a moment. When one substance is dissolved into any particular liquid, it has become a solution. Thus, when you have a problem you naturally seek a solution – to destroy, dissolve the problem. The breakdown of the problem is a major role in the ‘becoming.’??

The scattering then, is Source’s degeneration into matter. Matter is the solution to Source’s dilemma. But, through this degeneration it becomes; it sees itself; it feels; it is aware – it TASTES. Thus, when the apple is eaten in the famous Genesis story of Adam and Eve, (and we’re taught that the latter two caused the “fall of man”) what’s really being revealed is that Source has begun the digestive process. It has ingested consciousness, and now begins its journey into the bowels of existence, the underworld.

And here’s another nugget. In the Bible we continuously find references to “shit.” For example, before Joshua goes into Jericho (moon city) to conquer it, he leaves from a place named Shittim. In Exodus 25:5 and 25:10, the Lord instructs Moses to have the people give an offering consisting of shittim and to use the latter as one of the building materials of the ark of the covenant. Now, in some translations, you’ll see the word acacia instead, which is synonymous with the word akasha, meaning first substance. Now, students of esoterism and mysticism will be familiar with the akashic files, referring to a cosmic data bank, with everything ever known stored. This is also referred to as “cosmic slop,” which harkens back to shittim-shit.

The akashic files’ definition shows a connection between it and the word acacia based on the deduction that the latter is equivalent to excrement, in that it is used interchangeably with the word shittim. Of course, the exoteric relationship between the two is that they refer to a type of wood; but, we are considering their esoteric connection, which stares us dead in the face: shittim is shit. That being so, we look at the significance of excrement; it is the first substance, because before there can be vegetation, there must first be fertilizer to come down and prepare the soil. So, just as the akasha is first, so to is excrement-shit, revealing their esoteric connection.

Therefore, our godhood rests on our possession of an ancient, primal substance. We are ultimately “pieces of shit.” But, you should not be offended, instead proud, because as excrement-shit, you are endless potential released. The great mystery you have to figure out is, within your own life, to maneuver through your own shit, not to wallow in pity, and to transform everything negative into new vegetation.

I must stop here; this is just to wet your palate and spur own your own studies. Meanwhile, I’ll be working on this book to further develop the concepts here discussed.

Well, until we meet again, stay down until you get up, and when you get up, stay down.


Brother Jamal

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