Greetings, I hope all is well with you as you continue your quest for self-mastery. We all know the distractions are endless out here in this matrix, constantly tugging at our mental and spiritual energy centers; but that’s part of the game right? After all, the prize of an illuminated soul would not have as great a value if it were easily attained.

With that said, it is my acquired truth that one of the most important jobs for us is to understand, as in stand under. To understand is to have a foundation, solid ground. And that is of the utmost importance to our quest for mastery – to understand it all; how and why we got here; who we are; and what is our destiny. We find an example of this embodied in the Greek-Titan god, Atlas, who holds the earth upon his shoulders; thus, he understands.

Along these lines, we find the following in Richard Cavendish’s The Black Arts:

“Knowledge, in fact, was the key to the Stone. When the alchemist understood what the Stone was, he had found it and had become it. In alchemy, as in all occultism, the truth is veiled behind symbols and paradoxes, because it has to be discovered for oneself.”

Thus, the alchemist truly begins his quest when he discovers that he is the great work. He is the cornerstone.

Reading the Bible with the above mindset changes the dynamics of one’s interpretation of scripture. It opens the door for one to find countless hidden jewels tucked away within the pages of this literary work. I am emphasizing the latter because approaching the Bible from that standpoint also heavily influences interpretation. It rightly triggers the mind (especially the right hemisphere) to view its thin pages as elaborate, mythological, coded stories.

Keeping that in mind, in this piece, we’ll look at an aspect of Jesus Christ, to further demonstrate how to think like an occultist. We’ll discover how the concept of Jesus Christ appears in the Old Testament as Joshua-Caleb, and both characters’ significance.

It is well known that the letter “J” is neither in the Hebrew nor Greek alphabet. We can reasonably deduce, then, that this letter is a later addition to the Bible, based on an English translation. The more learned of us also know that the Bible is an allegorical, mystical, metaphysical, and sometimes historical, book – just a to name a few of its attributes. Thus, we are challenged to explore the heavily coded language it contains, understanding that nothing within its pages is there by happenstance.

Therefore, as we consider the change from the Hebrew – Yeshua and Greek – Iesous, to Jesus, we should automatically be alert for any symbolism thus hidden. And then there’s the Christ, which many mistakenly refer to as a last name, like James Jones. Let’s be clear about this – Jesus represents the carnal nature of human existence, while Christ (i.e crystallization) is the anointing (i.e. oil). What does the latter mean? The anointing refers to the neuro-chemical we call melanin, the original black gold. It is the liquid essence of Source permeating our physical being, connecting us back to our divinity. Christ, then, is the Stone, the final product, the great work, the realization of our potential, where all of the Jew-Els are fused and crystallized.

And this concept is told in the Old Testament, in its English translation, giving us a huge clue, using the same initials – JC. We’re talking about the story of Joshua, in Hebrew – Yehoshua. We first have reason to associate Joshua with melanin (i.e. dark matter) just through similarity in names, between he and Jesus, but, more specifically, the name given of his parent – Nun. Interestingly, we find in our studies of Khemitian (Egyptian) cosmology, the neter of the same name – Nun, representing a feminine aspect of pre-creation, as the primal waters of chaos, or “triple darkness.” And it is this dark, chaotic, goo, that all ancient texts reference as being first, uncontrolled, and possessing limitless potential.

The next clue we have is in the character of Caleb, who along with Joshua, is sent to inspect the land of Canaan. When we explore the name, Caleb, we find that it translates in Hebrew, to “dog.” Using our creative, intuitive minds, we then harken back again to ancient Khemite, and refer to the dog-headed god, Anubis, who accompanies the soul into the underworld; thus, he is called “the opener of the way.” Being students of symbology, we further deduce that Anubis, who is also a form of the god Set, is the first to come down; thus, he is the law (law means to put down) and is also melanin, because the latter accompanies you everywhere you go, opening the way through its mystical powers.

So Canaan, meaning “cast away,” is the equivalent of the underworld, where the soul resides. Therefore, Moses, whose name means “to draw out,” summons the human, corporeal form, to go into its inner core, raise and illuminate its soul, which is why in Psalms 23 it reads:

Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me…

The above scripture is represented in Caleb’s accompanying Joshua. Just as Jesus, the carnal flesh, is adjoined with Christ, so is Joshua with Caleb. Both Caleb and Christ are perfecting agents that can only be activated and illuminated once one takes the journey into the underworld.

Now, this underworld has multiple layers of symbolism too. We’ll look at its perspective as being the human body or three-dimensional existence, but also the journey one must embark on, while in human form, into the bowels of existence, to recover and raise up one’s soul. This is called the “hero/heroine’s journey.” It is the descent into hell we must all make, so that we may arise, anew, illuminated.

On a final note, it’s important to remember that when reading any of these mythological stories, to assert oneself as the primary character. All mythological books, including the Bible, can only be understood by viewing oneself as the “greatest story never told.” Your soul is an entire cinematic odyssey, waiting for your discovery.

The combination of you and your soul represent Jesus and Christ, or Joshua and Caleb. It is your soul that guided you here and will continue to guide you until it is fed the “fresh manna” it desires.

As always, I appreciate you reading, and remind you to stay down ’til you get up, and when you get up, stay down.

Peace and Power,

Brother Jamal