Very briefly, I will touch on a subject that I’ll soon be covering more in-depth in an upcoming lecture titled, “Spiritual Warfare: the Final Showdown.” The subject today, though, is Alzheimer’s Disease, the silent killer, but not just a killer of the physical body, but a killer of consciousness and potential. A vast subject and illness to cover, this is not the format for an exhaustive analysis; but, as metaphysicians, we must highlight the occult and symbolic significance of this condition.

But first, what is Alzheimer’s Disease? It is an age-related neural-degenerative disorder: the atrophy and entropy of the brain. Scientists acknowledge that there is a rise in diagnoses, and claim that at present, some 5 million people suffer from this disease. They also project that the number of cases will triple by 2050.

Now, whenever scientists make predictions such as that, our “Spidey Senses” should flare up. We should put on our “conspiracy hats” and consider the possibility that their prognostications are truly forecasts, which then translate into goals. That’s right…I’m saying that they are purposely creating situations favorable for Alzheimer’s.

But how Jamal??

For starters, whenever there is an increase in technology, the result is a decrease in internal, human technology. There are several ways that tech contributes to this deterioration of the human’s capabilities:

  1. It retards one’s memory storage. For example, I can still remember my parents’ old home phone number, and other family members’ as well; but, if you were to ask me to recite one of my current friends’ phone numbers by memory, I couldn’t. Why? Because I have a “handy dandy” cell phone that stores all of my contacts; all I have to do is pull up the name and magically all this information appears. As a result, my brain is not challenged to memorize their information, which then trickles down into other aspects of my memory capacity. It’s as simple as this; what you don’t use, you eventually lose. Thankfully, I am aware (conscious) of what’s going on, so I can take precautions.
  2. Tech, with its lure of convenience, lulls us to sleep, as it offers the bliss of thinking for you. A prime example is the “Google Scholarship” phenomenon, where one can merely type in questions in the search engine, and just like that, a multitude of answers flood the screen. There are major problems with this, but I’ll first highlight some of the positives. I often use the internet to look up a particular scripture that I’m familiar with, so that I can save myself the time of thumbing through the Bible or Koran to find it. Once the internet identifies it, I then go to the actual book so that I can read and interpret it for myself. Also, if one is proficient in asking the right questions, all sorts of secret doors can be opened on the internet. For example, there is endless, reliable data to be found online, and many reputable, scholarly articles. The problem, though, begins when a person is lazy in the mind, because that leads to abuse and self-imposed servitude. When one is resistant to using one’s internal technology – the brain, there will be ghastly, harmful results.
  3. According to, studies show that the average human’s attention span was 12 seconds in 2000, and had fallen to eight seconds by 2015. The writer also claims that the latter is less than that of a goldfish, having an attention span of nine seconds. Why has this decline occurred? One reason is that with instant access to computers and endless information, via our smartphones, we are privy to a bottomless ocean of “white noise,” constant movement, trending items, the latest-breaking news. Thus, we are conditioned to seek what’s new, what’s popping now. Furthermore, we are chided along by such virtual institutions as Facebook and YouTube to seek out the illusive combination for going viral, always concerned with remaining relevant, because we know that our audiences can easily just switch over to another channel, or click on another page. We feed and enable this monstrous machine because we, at times, feel helpless in our efforts to oppose it.
  4. We are also slowly losing our ability, as a collective, to write legibly; I still remember being graded on penmanship/handwriting. Ms. Jackson, my third grade teacher, whom I thought was the sharpest woman in America (besides my mama), introduced us to cursive writing. I also remember Coach Peterson, my ninth grade civics teacher, showing us how to fill out a personal check in class one day, two things many Millennials and Generation Z’s won’t experience. The result is a drop in cognitive and fine motor function, as the thumbs become dominate from constant texting and other forms of messaging via social media (through the smartphone). Further, the eyes are made to endure a new stress, as the natural saturation of the eye with fluid through blinking, is hindered, because our windows to the visible world, tend not to blink as much when staring at screens.
  5. A final area of concern we’ll discuss is the loss of the human capacity to love and experience organic affection. Technology affords us the ability to locate people we identify as friends, followers and fans. These are people we know little-to-nothing about, yet we can have thousands of them labelled with tags such as “friend.” This “GMO” approach to building relationships retards our abilities to communicate with each other effectively, to feel empathy, to sympathize, and authentically attain knowledge of our fellow humans. Thus, as social media claim to bring people closer together, in essence, they have driven more wedges of division between people, creating a culture of cold, callas, cowards, attaching and detaching with the bat of an eye; praising or threatening, depending on what impulsive trigger sparks reaction in their psyche, and trapping themselves into a matrix within a pre-existing matrix.

How it all fits together

When the mechanisms expressed above are in place, we find a ripe environment for Alzheimer’s Disease to fester and grow in, because tech is actively working to age the human brain, by subduing it. As mentioned earlier, if you don’t use something, you’ll eventually lose it. Everything is everything in this world. Just as the failure to exercise can lead to arthritis, from lack of joint movement, so does the lack of using one’s brain, lead to atrophy and eventually self-mutilation, as your brain eats itself up.

Thus, the people we often look to with amazement, as the pioneers of tomorrow, are actually feverishly working to forge a future of mental slavery for the masses. People that can’t think are people whom will be more easily controlled and manipulated. And the efforts of the trend-setters are always subtle, so that you can’t easily recognize them; so that when the “town crier” announces the diabolical plans of the monsters, people look at him with astonishment and disgust. “Aw man, here we go with the conspiracy theories.”

The quick metaphysics of it all

The oldest love story involves that of Isis and Osiris, where the former puts her husband’s body back together after he has been dismembered by his brother, Set. Osiris was cut into 14 pieces, but Isis could only find 13, the phallus (sex member) still missing; therefore, she replaced the missing member with a wooden replica. The wooden phallus symbolizes truth; so that we can glean from this story that Isis used the truth to help her remember Osiris. Thus, a major motif of the story revealed, is that of memory. Osiris is the divine memory that we need to remember, which translates, physiologically, into the hippocampus region of the brain, the area that governs long term memory. Interestingly, this area is also highly affected by Alzheimer’s. Are you starting to see the connection?? This Alzheimer’s is much bigger than we can ever imagine. It’s an attempt to keep Osiris asleep, dismembered.

The solution

If you’re reading this, the first step has already been accomplished; you’re aware. The next steps involve making sure to exercise, read, write, contemplate, meditate, monitor the types of foods you eat, and make sure you are always thinking in terms of purpose. It is of the utmost importance to be diverse in thought in this day and age, as it serves triply as a means of mental, physical and spiritual warfare. The last frontier is your mind, and your brain is the interface between the former and your physical shell. Take control of your destiny, because it is your divine right as a Master of the Cosmos.

On a final note, please support the movement so that I can continue to play my role in this great quest we have embarked upon. You can pre-purchase your copy of The Lies Behind the Tithes: The Keys to Higher Consciousness, right here on the site; you can also purchase my music, lecture DVDs and dream decoding services right here.

Jut remember that in whatever you do, to stay down until you get up, and when you get up, stay down.

Peace and Power,

Brother Jamal

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