Greetings! So, with this post I want to briefly look into an aspect of what Christ symbolizes, and how it relates to you. But first, we must establish that Christ is not exclusive to Christianity, the religion. As a matter of fact, the two have nothing in common; for, the essence of the Christos cannot be confined to religious dogma.

Let’s take, for an example of Christ’s pre-Christian origin, one of his names in the Hindu pantheon – Krishna. The similarity is obvious between the two names, with the latter pre-dating the former by at least 2500 years, conservatively. With that established, we’ll now take a shallow dig into the nature of the Krishna-Christ concept.

In one particular story found in the Bhagavad Gita, we find the character, Arjuna, friend of Krishna, desiring to see the god in his purest form. Until this time in the story, Arjuna has had a pleasant perception of the god Krishna, as a benevolent higher being. But, when Krishna reveals his true and divine nature, he appears to Arjuna as a monstrous creature with many arms, heads, eyes, mouths and tongues. And with these mouths and tongues, the god devours all that is around him, scaring the shit out of Arjuna.

I want to pause and look further into the symbolism of the tongue, though. From the Latin lingua, the tongue is the primary tool for tasting, but also speech. Interestingly, the Latin lingua, is also where we get the word lingum, which is another word for the phallus or penis. In The Encyclopedia of Esoteric Man we find that such tangibles as the tongue, sword, neck, nose, etc., are all synonymous with the phallus. So, in the story, when Krishna reveals his terrible nature, devouring worlds, he is using his phallus as a weapon. We could also say that he is using his tongue (speech).

But what possibly could speech and the penis/phallus/tongue have in common?

They are frequency modulators; they vibrate. If we look at the simple act of sexual intercourse, what is involved? Vibration – through the constant back-and-forth movement. When one speaks, the reception of the words/sounds depends upon vibration. Thus, we can deduce that Krishna devoured the worlds by emitting a certain frequency, a vibration.

Let’s go a little deeper, though. We also find that the penis/phallus/tongue, as tools of vibration, also represent consciousness. To be conscious is to be aware. How this relates to the penis/phallus/tongue is explained in the following:

  • When a man is attracted to a woman and becomes aroused in the penis/phallus, it is due to his awareness/consciousness of her.
  • For the woman, her version of the phallus (the clitoris) is stimulated to stir her physically. Her arousal is consciousness.
  • Pertaining to food, the tongue (along with the nose) is the primary tool for tasting, smelling, and registering the texture of food. The experience of and communication of this data is an expression of consciousness.

So now, this brings us to the concept of Christ-consciousness. This term has been thrown around quite a bit, especially in New Age philosophy. Erroneously, it has been described as this passive, light-hearted, positive energy that comes to the planet with no agendas of retribution and reciprocity, but only Romanticized love. But, we will now discover what Christ-consciousness is really about: Destruction.

And this leads us back to our reference to The Encyclopedia of Esoteric Man, and its revelation that the tongue and penis/phallus are synonymous with the sword, a weapon of destruction. Thus, we see why Krishna, in his exalted, divine form, is a pure ass-kicker, swallowing and devouring worlds with his tongue-his speech-his vibration-his consciousness. This is reconfirmed in the Bible in Matthew 10:34, as Christ says:

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

The above account from the Bible and the story about Arjuna and Krishna, demonstrate the purpose of each of our higher selves, why we have conscious intelligence, and where our focus should be: escaping the labyrinth and dissolving the matrix. Arjuna and Krishna represent the same person, just as Tehuti and Tat are the same in the Hermetica. Arjuna and Tat describe one’s humanity, while Krishna and Tehuti represent one’s higher self. Both stories also speak to the eschatological, end-game story for us all; it reveals our divine roles. Once you awaken and begin to pursue, voraciously, a higher degree of understanding, you chip away another piece of the wall binding us in hell.

Thus, your greater awareness and understanding create a certain vibration, and from that awakened state you speak differently, reflecting the Divine connection to the Source in you. And this is the recipe for dissolving the matrix, or swallowing the worlds. Your consciousness is what Christ speaks of in the above passage. Its main purpose is to transcend this reality.

Christ-Krishna is YOU, in some cases just asleep and waiting to be awakened.  You hold the keys. You are a Master of the Cosmos!

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Until next time, stay down ’til you get up, and when you get up, stay down.

Peace and Power,

Brother Jamal

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