The Book Vault

Welcome to the Book Vault, a working document that lists some of the books in my library, that I recommend to help in your journey towards illumination. This is not a complete list of my books, but it still provides a window into some of the literature I have considered in my quest for higher enlightenment and Cosmic truth. The subjects represented in the selected titles are vast, hopefully conveying to the researcher the necessity in being well-rounded in one’s approach to life and its multitude of secrets.

Too often people trap themselves in one box or another, and sadly, close themselves off to worlds of information that can provide the soul with the development that it so craves, as it strives to illuminate and free itself from the bonds of human, corporeal existence. My effort to provide these few sources, and the researcher’s efforts to merely know, provide a solid foundation to build on.

You – the scientist – the researcher, are encouraged and challenged to use these tools and many more, not to define you, but as mere aides to help in refining what is already within you, the prima materia, as you work toward that perfected philosopher’s stone. The books are not listed in any particular order; they are all significant.

On a final note, I give thanks for Brother Bobby Hemmitt, who tirelessly shared his knowledge and extensive bibliography, and to whom I owe the credit for recommending many of the books listed.

Enjoy the Journey!


  1. Black Goddess and the Unseen Real
  2. Dirt: A Social History as Seen Through the Uses and Abuses of Dirt
  3. Sixteen Crucified Saviours
  4. Who is This King of Glory
  5. The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets
  6. The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects
  7. The Protestant Ethic
  8. Medieval Callings
  9. Iceman Inheritance
  10. The Melatonin Miracle
  11. Melatonin: Breakthrough Discoveries That Can Help You…
  12. Melanin: A Key to Freedom
  13. The Messianic Legacy
  14. Forbidden Archeology
  15. The Origin of English Words
  16. Realm of the Ring Lords
  17. Encyclopedia of Esoteric Man
  18. The Devil
  19. The Black Arts
  20. A Book of the Beginnings Vols. 1&2
  21. The Hermetica (Walter Scott)
  22. People of the Secret
  23. Forbidden Labyrinth
  24. The Isis Papers
  25. The Secret Doctrine Vols. 1&2
  26. Isis Unveiled Vols. 1&2
  27. The Metaphysics of Sex
  28. Quantum Psychology
  29. Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious
  30. Pillars of the Republic
  31. The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics
  32. The Lost Books of Eden
  33. The Gnostic Scriptures (Bentley Layton)
  34. The Other Bible
  35. The Gnostic Bible
  36. Hebrew Myths
  37. Greek Myths (Robert Graves)
  38. Myths of the Hindus and the Buddhists
  39. Dionysus: Myth and Cult
  40. Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia Vols. 1&2
  41. The Biology of Belief
  42. Secrets of Your Cells
  43. Space, Time & Medicine
  44. Parallel Universes
  45. The Holographic Universe
  46. The Opening of the Way
  47. The Children of Mu
  48. Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire
  49. Nada Brahma: The World is Sound
  50. Checking the Genome
  51. The Serpent Grail
  52. The Sirius Mystery
  53. Lord of Light and Shadow
  54. Obedience to Authority
  55. The Sacred Language of Trees
  56. The Secret Life of Water
  57. The Secret Life of Plants
  58. The Sirius Connection
  59. The Thirteenth Tribe
  60. Water, Pure and Simple
  61. Glands, Our Invisible Guardians
  62. The Orion Mystery
  63. The Inner Reaches of Outer Space
  64. The Great Cosmic Mother
  65. The Hero of Thousand Faces
  66. The World of Myth
  67. Signs & Symbols of Primordial Man
  68. The Nag Hammadi Library
  69. Secret and Sacred
  70. Strong’s Bible Concordance
  71. The Sufis
  72. Quiet