From early childhood, we are indoctrinated with the idea that we must consume more in order to validate our worth; thus, we associate our success with having the capital that fuels more consumption. It is within this introduction to Western capitalism and “rugged individualism” that the lifeforce of the child begins to be rendered helpless.

The above refers to the child’s imagination, the latter containing several concepts embodied in it:

  • Im – The prefix denotes something internal or within.
  • Mage – This refers to magic (i.e. power).
  • Image – The previous two combine to reference an inner image. 
  • Nation – This refers to a womb (i.e. the vessel of creation).

Thus, the imagination is the creative vessel, where the inner image originates, and comes into reality. A great travesty it is then, how this most vital tool is systematically shutdown as one progresses into “mature, adulthood.”

The phenomenon of the retardation of one’s imagination, explains why it is so hard for adults to speak of magic in a mature manner. Instead, it is relegated to the realm of slight-of-hand and illusionary tricks, when in reality, it is far more. To go further, true magic, generated from one’s imagination, is the opposite of tricks. It is the conduit to solidifying the only truth we know: that the mind is all. We can say then, that magic is the solidification of one’s thoughts.

Viewing magic from this standpoint, we de-mystify it, and actually place it in its proper perspective: a scientific tool and phenomenon. And we tap into its powers through three vehicles:

  1. Understanding it – That is what we are participating in here; we are gaining deeper understanding of what magic is, thus, allowing for all the subtle nuances of it (meditation, numerology, astrology, gematria, alter rituals, reading, seeing, visualization, etc.) to coexist without the conflict of trying to establish which is supreme. As the word understanding denotes, it is the process of laying the foundation or standing under.
  2. Confidence – Once you understand what magic is, you must next have confidence in the science, and yourself. But, one can’t have confidence in oneself until one knows oneself, right? The confidence in magic comes from learning who you are and the powers you possess, so that any endeavor you are involved in has no choice but to exude power and excellence, and thus, manifestation.
  3. Practice – The Christian Bible says that “faith without works is dead.” The magician must live by this creed, understanding that activation is the only reality of study. There must be times to test the proficiency of what one has studied, and the practice of magic provides such a vehicle. It is the proving ground where one can see the creative womb of the mind materialize in real time, which contributes to the further confidence of the magician.

This has been just a overview of this vast subject – magic. The next step is for you to expound on these few listed concepts, as you delve deeper into your own studies and proficiency as a magician, keeping in mind that “everything is everything”; thus, the power you were taught to externalize has always been with and inside of you, waiting on YOU to ignite it.

Remember, stay down until you get up, and when you get up, stay down. Peace and Power!