Welcome to mastersofthecosmos.com, where anything less than the reclamation of the cosmos is “uncivilized.” This is a space dedicated to fulfilling the multitude of prophesies that we left eons ago for us to recover at a time such as this. What a beautiful time to be alive!

We are challenged to probe, to remain humble, and to expand into the infinite potential of our true, and divine natures. We recognize, therefore, that there are countless tools and modalities available to help our great quickening. Thus, the aspirant is first required to possess an unquenchable thirst for the refreshing waters of higher consciousness and understanding. With that prerequisite met, the student can now move into the first steps of mastery.

This quest doesn’t discriminate against any source that will help in uncovering the mysteries, whether non-fiction work, fiction, comic book, article, etc. But most importantly, the main tool the student will learn to use is him/herself. Igniting the inner fire.

The latter is so very important, because we are moving into the Aquarian age, where one must become one’s own master. It is no longer acceptable to rely on someone else to “spoon-feed” you your reality. You must now become an active participant in it. You must co-create.

Understand that if this type of information resonates with you, it is possibly because you are one of the masters who agreed to come back in this period of the cosmic journey, for the sole purpose of re-awakening and re-gathering. It must not be overlooked, as well, that much responsibility is involved with the latter, because the more your become aware, the less forgiving the Cosmos is of your lack of enthusiasm and sincerity. So, be for real always.

Finally, refer to the book of Matthews in the Bible, chapter 10:34, where you will find your true purpose simply and clearly stated. You are growing and developing your light so that it may shine brightest, and through its greater illumination, destroys all lies, all falsehood, and set the cosmic scales back into alignment.

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